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Best outliner software for windows ?

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Posted by washere
Feb 11, 2019 at 05:37 PM


Jon Polish wrote:
Agreed. WhizFolders is excellent for the uses you describe. I have used
>it for many years. Unless I misunderstand, WhizFolders does not handle
>attachments well. It is advised not to embed too many attachments
>because it slows the program down considerably. If I must have
>references to material in other files, I use links instead. When this is
>not an option (when I must have my references in one place), I rely on
> >Jon
> >washere wrote:
>>Finally I recommend serious outliner fanatics to get Whizfolders for
>>Windows too. It has many attachments and does not crash like others
>>complex attachments. It is useful for writing artciles, academic
>>outlines of ideas and stories etc.

Yes I use scrivener for very big projects too. What I meant by many was it supports many types, pictures tables spreadsheets etc as he uses OLE. Better practice is to have multi documents tabs, can link to reach other anyway.

Whiz is good for outlining and writing quick articles, then RTF export all our shaved topics & exit whiz. Then quickly convert RTF to markdown, takes a few seconds. Then depending on use, drop into one of my many site/wiki generators, which also takes only seconds with modern generators to update and generate the whole site and it’s live.

If I use OLE attachment types or links, it’s usually for reference while writing, not part of output. So no problems.