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Best outliner software for windows ?

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Posted by Jon Polish
Feb 11, 2019 at 01:20 PM


Agreed. WhizFolders is excellent for the uses you describe. I have used it for many years. Unless I misunderstand, WhizFolders does not handle attachments well. It is advised not to embed too many attachments because it slows the program down considerably. If I must have references to material in other files, I use links instead. When this is not an option (when I must have my references in one place), I rely on Scrivener.


washere wrote:
>Finally I recommend serious outliner fanatics to get Whizfolders for
>Windows too. It has many attachments and does not crash like others with
>complex attachments. It is useful for writing artciles, academic papers,
>outlines of ideas and stories etc.