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Your System - Functions and Apps That Fulfill Them

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Posted by Jeffery Smith
Feb 10, 2019 at 03:09 PM


I meant to mention something about Mellel. This app uses some unconventional interface elements that are difficult to get comfy with, but I am beginning to use it more now because (1) it is fast, (2) it doesn’t make me jump through hoops every time I start it (like MS Word’s series of logins required to use the college’s license of MS), and (3) it has the potential of doing more things for me in the future (academic things that I don’t need right now). For the past year or so, I’ve used TextMaker 2018, and like the user interface over that of MS Word.

Beck wrote:
Fun topic, Jake. :)
> >1. Brainstorming : Good ol’ fashioned whiteboard, GoodNotes, Workflowy
>2a. Random Notetaking : Bullet Journal, GoodNotes (happy)
>2b. Intentional Notetaking : Tinderbox (happy)
>3. Scheduling : Fantastical (wish for something more
>elegant/spacious/accommodating of time blocking)
>4. Task Management : Omnifocus 3 w/Bullet Journal for capture and
>TaskPaper for weekly planning (imperfect, but works well enough)
>5. Thought Processing : Tinderbox, Morning Pages
>6. Knowledge Archive : DevonThink
>7. Project Knowledge : Project Memos in Google Docs, Task Paper, in some
>ways OF3 (could use a better system here)
> >8. Mail: MailMate (very happy)
>9a. Writing: Currently unhappy and searching (considering Scrivener,
>Ulysses, Mellel, have used… everything)
>9b. Editing: Hemingway (happy)
>10. Reference: Paperpile (considering Bookends despite Pp’s elegance b/c
> >11. Reading: DevonThink To Go (happy cause of sync to DTPO, but like
>GoodNotes and LiquidText a lot, too)
>12. Grading: Annotated GoodNotes PDFs uploaded to Canvas (can’t stand
>Canvas of course, but otherwise happy w/this)
> >* Anyone else wish CMapTools wasn’t so darn… pixelated? Darn retina