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Apps that offer cloning of notes

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Posted by A
Feb 8, 2019 at 05:45 PM


I forgot to mention Notion.so. Also has unlimited true cloning. As for mindmappers, Freemind and Freeplane also has true cloning.

A wrote:
> >I wouldn’t put Tbx’s aliases in the realm of cloning. Aliasing in Tbx is
>directed more towards working with body text (Attribute $Text) and less
>so with Container/Title notes (Attribute $Name); True cloning allows for
>any hierarchy depth level and any body text (or file if other than a
>note manager) that would come with it. If you created a wikipedia
>article with Music as its title in Tbx and had a container for every
>topic in the article’s TOC and then placed it in a container named All
>wikipedia articles or Index of articles by title e.g.; and then decided
>you also wanted that article and it structure to appear in a different
>category called Music…well, only the title Music would appear in the
>alias. The body text would also go in separate containers as to conform
>with it’s TOC (after all Tbx is an outliner) and therefore you would not
>have the body text under the Title of the note…bummer (trust me Ive
>been desperately asking for this feature). But, as someone else did
>mention here, DEVONthink has a a true cloning system, but we’re dealing
>with a document manager here and not so note friendly. NeO outliner also
>has true cloning. Scrivener, TheBrain have partial cloning in the sense
>that it uses tags to place containers in other locations but you will
>never be able to see those “clones” at the same time. Not very familiar
>with Windows apps and this is all I’ve got, hopefully this helps
> >PS: All the Tbx tuts I’ve watched from you the least I could do is
>“clone” a favor right back :)
> >Stephen Zeoli wrote:
>So I was just trying to explain cloning of notes to the developers of
>>Agenda and I wanted to give examples of apps that offer that feature.
>>The only one I could come up with is Tinderbox. I am sure there are
>>others, but I am drawing a blank, so any help jogging my memory would
>>greatly appreciated. Thank you.
>>Steve Z.