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Apps that offer cloning of notes

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Posted by A
Feb 8, 2019 at 04:55 PM



I wouldn’t put Tbx’s aliases in the realm of cloning. Aliasing in Tbx is directed more towards working with body text (Attribute $Text) and less so with Container/Title notes (Attribute $Name); True cloning allows for any hierarchy depth level and any body text (or file if other than a note manager) that would come with it. If you created a wikipedia article with Music as its title in Tbx and had a container for every topic in the article’s TOC and then placed it in a container named All wikipedia articles or Index of articles by title e.g.; and then decided you also wanted that article and it structure to appear in a different category called Music…well, only the title Music would appear in the alias. The body text would also go in separate containers as to conform with it’s TOC (after all Tbx is an outliner) and therefore you would not have the body text under the Title of the note…bummer (trust me Ive been desperately asking for this feature). But, as someone else did mention here, DEVONthink has a a true cloning system, but we’re dealing with a document manager here and not so note friendly. NeO outliner also has true cloning. Scrivener, TheBrain have partial cloning in the sense that it uses tags to place containers in other locations but you will never be able to see those “clones” at the same time. Not very familiar with Windows apps and this is all I’ve got, hopefully this helps somewhat.

PS: All the Tbx tuts I’ve watched from you the least I could do is “clone” a favor right back :)

Stephen Zeoli wrote:
So I was just trying to explain cloning of notes to the developers of
>Agenda and I wanted to give examples of apps that offer that feature.
>The only one I could come up with is Tinderbox. I am sure there are
>others, but I am drawing a blank, so any help jogging my memory would be
>greatly appreciated. Thank you.
> >Steve Z.