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CRIMP Defined




Your System - Functions and Apps That Fulfill Them

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Posted by Jeffery Smith
Feb 7, 2019 at 03:14 PM



You are using Morning Pages [the app], or Morning Pages [the practice]?


Beck wrote:
Fun topic, Jake. :)
> >1. Brainstorming : Good ol’ fashioned whiteboard, GoodNotes, Workflowy
>2a. Random Notetaking : Bullet Journal, GoodNotes (happy)
>2b. Intentional Notetaking : Tinderbox (happy)
>3. Scheduling : Fantastical (wish for something more
>elegant/spacious/accommodating of time blocking)
>4. Task Management : Omnifocus 3 w/Bullet Journal for capture and
>TaskPaper for weekly planning (imperfect, but works well enough)
>5. Thought Processing : Tinderbox, Morning Pages
>6. Knowledge Archive : DevonThink
>7. Project Knowledge : Project Memos in Google Docs, Task Paper, in some
>ways OF3 (could use a better system here)
> >8. Mail: MailMate (very happy)
>9a. Writing: Currently unhappy and searching (considering Scrivener,
>Ulysses, Mellel, have used… everything)
>9b. Editing: Hemingway (happy)
>10. Reference: Paperpile (considering Bookends despite Pp’s elegance b/c
> >11. Reading: DevonThink To Go (happy cause of sync to DTPO, but like
>GoodNotes and LiquidText a lot, too)
>12. Grading: Annotated GoodNotes PDFs uploaded to Canvas (can’t stand
>Canvas of course, but otherwise happy w/this)
> >* Anyone else wish CMapTools wasn’t so darn… pixelated? Darn retina