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New Ulysses features coming

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Posted by Hugh
Jan 15, 2019 at 09:06 AM


satis wrote:

>Hugh wrote:
> >>But I’m an unreconstructed plotter; I like to plan, and Ulysses
>>currently has virtually no features for doing so (which is slightly
>>for a tool designed for writing long-form). At the very least, I’d like
>>it to import OPML, so that I can plan a structure in, say, OmniOutliner
>>and have it headlined in Ulysses sheet by sheet.
> >Maybe you should blame OO for not exporting to Markdown. People have
>been talking to Omni about this for a long time:
> >https://discourse.omnigroup.com/t/still-interested-in-markdown-support-in-omnioutliner/29545/7
> >One person created an OO plugin to export to text (which could be read,
>or transformed into Markdown elsewhere):
> >https://github.com/fletcher/Markdown.ooxsl
> >On the Mac you could install Pandoc:
> >https://pandoc.org/
> >Here’s a Mac GUI for it:
> >http://panconvert.sourceforge.net/
> >Or just convert OPML to Markdown separately. Someone who uses Carbonfin
>Outliner on his iPad figured out a way to go back and forth here:
> >https://thomasborowski.me/2014/02/converting-markdown-to-opml-and-back-on-an-ipad-sort-of/
> >

satis, thanks for this. I’ll explore your suggestions. One point: to be of real help, the OO OPML export needs not only to be converted to Markdown but also to be distributed amongst Ulysses sheets, one row per sheet, and, possibly, with sheets at separate OO levels grouped. Will your suggestions do this?

There is, I think, one integration that will do it - OO > Scrivener > Ulysses. But it would be so much simpler if Ulysses could import from OO at one row per sheet, or if, as you say, OO could export Markdown on the same basis.