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CRIMP Defined




Connected Text may not be dead yet!

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Nov 29, 2018 at 07:38 PM


Well said, washere. There are a few independents who contribute to conversations here (not least Pierre!), and it’s always a great pleasure to hear from people with enough passion for a really interesting idea to turn it into an actual product.

washere wrote:
Unlike a few big corps, most outliner-ware is a cottage industry if not
>overwhelmingly single devs. I’ve always said all outliner devs should be
>supported as a rule, regardless. Eduardo is one of the few, an elite,
>who created something new and not just a little app. So he deserves
>extra praise. Another in the same league is Andy of Hyperplan who is
>present here. There are not many like them. Most just copy genres. There
>are 2 models for securing an app’s future but that is not the topic
> >I hope Eduardo finds both the time and resources to keep updating and
>modernizing his app. To provide both, commercial success is needed. Look
>at big hits like Scrivener or even bigger Evernote. It’s a catch 22
>problem, not easy, specially when doing something novel in a niche
>market. There are certain crucial aspects to be taken care of to cross
>the Rubicon into the Valhalla of big box-office. Hope they get the right
>feedback. In any case, we should wish them all the best of luck.