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Posted by MadaboutDana
Nov 27, 2018 at 04:03 PM


@Amontillado: it sounds as if Scrivener would be a good fit with your needs; it’s not just a writing tool, it’s also a very useful information repository (with a good search function). The dual-window mode is also an excellent feature if you’re looking for an all-in-one writing/info management tool. And of course it’s also cross-platform (Windows, Mac, iOS).

As for iCloud status, or lack of it - yes, that used to annoy me until I discovered a neat little utility called, tarara! iCloudStatus (http://www.thealchemistguild.com/icloudstatus). I can thoroughly recommend it.

As for Notebooks and Dropbox - yes, Alfons set it up to handle Dropbox (almost) right from the start. There were a few teething problems, which he tackled with his customary thoroughness, and synchronisation is now absolutely rock-solid (and has been for years). But you can also use the WebDAV server of your choice - in fact, Notebooks can also function as a WebDAV server, if you wish.

Like Scrivener, the iOS version of Notebooks supports dual-window mode, which is very convenient if you’re writing and accessing research results simultaneously. A major weakness of the existing desktop version 1.0 is that it doesn’t; it doesn’t even allow you to open multiple windows. But according to the screenshot of version 2.0 on Alfons’s website, the new version will indeed support multiple windows, which is very good news. He also hints at extra features in the desktop version (which has been completely rewritten) that don’t yet exist in the iOS one! A CRIMPer’s Christmas delight!