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Outliner for nonfiction book

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Posted by washere
Nov 24, 2018 at 11:12 PM


Chips, OSes & Tech giants? there are chips, devices and OSes already in the works that will replace ecosystems we have now. Could go into this for each tech giant OS/chips/apps emerging strategies, plus disruptor new device concepts already out, but like most of the long penultimate post above, would be off-topic.

As to desired DEPP OUTLINE LEVELS not needed? I don’t know what “serious” non fiction books not needing deeper levels than 9 means. It doesn’t matter either. There are books that do. Most people don’t use “serious” outlining software either, but a few of us do.

Secondly much of report/manual/tech writing industry goes well into deep levels subsections. So such users & uses do exist even if we just cared about ourselves and did not give a damn about others. It is as if saying “not my problem, whatever, talk to the hand”. A need as pointed out by some on this thread too.

Thirdly, in the creative stage, deep levels can be used, for various purposes such as notes, interconnected sections, mindmap tags, refs etc. The final text then can have those deeper levels amalgamated into lesser levels or do away with in the final polish or completely hide them from the reader. Anyway, deeper levels than 9 is what some need as they said here. Dismissing them is just one person’s POV, as if someone went into most specific threads here and said “I don’t care, this is not my problem”. I can sympathize with those comments about MS Word deficiency on this. AND OTHER desirable features.

Finally this thread’s topic so far shows how a powerful fully featured app for non-fiction, such as scrivener for fiction, with a powerful outliner, refs/notes/biblio features, tags/flags etc, advanced search panels, etc. would be really useful if it existed for non-fiction writers, academics, tech/science industry etc. Would probably sell much more than Scriv does. So not a silly thread at all, but very apt IMHO.