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Flat-file outliner (no db, no cloud) that support markdown and file attachment

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Posted by washere
Nov 23, 2018 at 04:46 AM


flat and attachment have many meanings.

* Rightnote has many attachment types as inline. File export types are many, can be converted to markdown easily via pandoc or import into MD editors. Don’t think it has markdown yet.

* QOwnNotes, free, has markdown as native, navigation panel on left shows markdown tags levels as outliner.
In setup, either choose FULL or Full-Vertical before clicking finished to get all the outline panels, properties, tags etc.
Set both interface and editor to dark mode and looks like this:

* But if you are really wanting to get serious, might try Sublime Text (not free). Or better yet either Atom (free) or MS Visual Studio Code (free) then for each:
set up Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) prelims for each
then search in in command palette for keywords to find plugins, i suggest search for:
folder (I have a few in sublime/atom/MS VSC, can work as outliner &/or file/folder trees on the left/right panels)

There are tons of plugins for each of the 3 apps. Also tons of nice dark/black themes for each, both for interface and editor styles.
I’d say go with MS VSC, it is getting bigger than the rest with plugins, though you might prefer the old fave, Atom.