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Outliner for nonfiction book

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Posted by Stephen Diamond
Nov 2, 2018 at 01:33 AM



I didn’t interpret Franz to be recommending the full-featured writing environment alternative.

If I were to use a two-pane app, Scrivener would need be my choice. In fact, I strated out using it. It has to do with styles of work: I prefer continuing rather than writing in disjointed parts that I later assemble like a puzzle.

Scrivener really is nothing like an adequate one-pane outliner, and it doesn’t really pretend to be. (It isn’t apparent to me how you can even hide the second pane.) The tree pane is too constricted, body text can’t be entered there, and worst of all, the undo command doesn’t even work in the tree pane!

MadaboutDana wrote:
Franz is quite right. And of course you can turn Scrivener into a simple
>one-pane outliner if you want to (using the appropriate Workspace
>setup). But with all the bells and whistles in the background if you
>should need them…
> >Franz Grieser wrote:
>@Stephen: There seems to be confusion about what you are really looking
>>for. Is it a “simple” outlining tool (such as Inspiration, UV Outliner)
>>or a full-featured writing environment (Word, Scrivener, Sente).
>>Re Inspiration: Installation simply did not finish correctly. There is
>>an Insp9IE.exe on my hard drive but it won’t start.