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Software Request: Open Source Personal Content Repository

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Posted by thouqht
Sep 21, 2018 at 07:00 PM


For anyone interested, I’ve decided to go with org-mode (via spacemacs) combined with github & dropbox. Big ol’ learning & configuration investment, but since I have a programming background and am already a heavy vim user this makes sense.

In terms of future proof text file manipulation, I don’t think anything else offers a more robust setup.

- replaces a large number of other tools
- best in-class text input & manipulation
- locate and open anything extremely rapidly (helm projectile is amazing)
- powerful export options
- open source with large community
- super powerful version control via git/github
- completely customizable
- allows for easy interface with advanced text tools (grep, awk, sed etc.) should I ever need them

- Very big upfront configuration & learning process (*extremely* big if you don’t have a background in this side of the world)
- Wiki & crosslinking ability is less robust than dedicated wiki software or things like The Brain
- Not for teams (unless they are programmers)
- Not as smooth for handling lots of non-text attachments

And for those who are interested org-mode basically does:

- Outlining
- Time tracking
- Todo list / project management software (as long as you are working solo)
- distraction free writing
- high level writing (can act a lot like scrivener)
- Basic spreadsheets
- Journal
- Slides & presentation
- Calendar and even email (if you want it to)

From where I stand, long-term ability to massively simplify and future proof my workflow outweighs the learning and customization.

I’m slowly making the transition, moving one piece over bit by bit. Is working well and is honestly quite fun.

Shoutout to Jan S. for the recommendation as I wasn’t even thinking of this because my past attempt to do this was too overwhelming.