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Tinderbox / content visualization software for windows?

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Posted by thouqht
Aug 27, 2018 at 03:36 PM


I’m looking for a note management software that would allow me plop down hundreds of notes and build as many different connections between them as I want. Ideally, I could then visualize those connections in different ways. I create educational content on complex ideas and I need a way to move around a bunch of different information so that I can identify the ideal structure for delivery.

I’ve been using an outliner (Dynalist) but the issue is that a linear outline already ASSUMES structure & prioritization of information. When I’ve got a sea of information, structure and prioritization is the thing I’m looking for a tool to help me FIND. I end up just having to recreate the whole outline repeatedly toying with with different structures. It works, and I know it’s somewhat mandatory, but I feel that there HAS to be a better way.

From what I’ve found, Tinderbox is the only thing that seems to do what I want, but I’m on windows. Are there any tools I’m missing? Is my only option to either limp along with what I’ve got or run a VM?

Other things I’ve tried
- Scrivener: It’s okay, I like how much metadata you can add, but it lacks the visual arrangement flexibility
- Mind maps: They are just linear outlines made ugly and lack the rearrangement and heavy cross linking I’d want
- Scapple: Nice but too weak for larger things and doesn’t let you easily move stuff around
- yEd: nice graphing and rearranging capabilities, but not really meant for lots of text
- (briefly) The Brain: Seemingly more optimized for storage rather than creation
- (briefly) Connected Text: Started scratching the surface, but everything was clunky, ugly, and I’m worried to invest more time into it if it’s not being maintained.

Thanks for any help.