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Causality ...

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Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Aug 15, 2018 at 09:43 AM


Dr Dog wrote:

>But in that post I mention my own narrative
>approach to complex non-fiction and how I hoped Causality might help as
>a replacement/adjunct to my current Tinderbox/Aeon timeline set up.

Welcome and thanks for the info! The kind of work you describe looks very similar to one of my current projects.

Can you elaborate a bit on your combination of Tinderbox and Aeon?

I understand that there is no direct sync between Aeon and Tinderbox as there is with Scrivener and Ulysses https://www.aeontimeline.com/walkthrough/scrivener-ulysses-syncing/

I am on Windows and often envy the MacOS ecosystem for specific tools such as Tinderbox, but wonder whether its application can somehow be reproduced by other means.

>After a long week-end of exploring I now think it will be useful to me,
>but only as an adjunct for specific portions of the work. The graphic
>representation of the higher level structuring abilities (basically a
>narrative of synopses) is excellent - very flexible - but need to corral
>(and control) a mass of detail, some of it recurring, leaves Tinderbox
>as the obvious tool of choice.

The apparently-no-longer-developed Outline 4D, formerly Storyview, is quite powerful in this regard; it’s an outliner where the outline can be viewed either horizontally (as a timeline), or vertically (as a classic outline). The other Dr of the forum, Dr Andus, has written several times about it. Not surprisingly, this has also been developed primarily for the scripting world.