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Posted by Hugh
Aug 13, 2018 at 01:23 PM


Franz Grieser wrote:

>Hugh wrote:
> >>A few years ago I and a German novelist independently tried to use the
>>application Flying Logic to address the same need, by flow-charting
>>fiction. I failed. Flying Logic is designed for other purposes; I could
>>bend it, but not far enough for me. I don’t know whether the other
>>experimenter made any progress with it. (If it was a solution, it too
>>was potentially rather an expensive one, if I remember correctly.)
> >The German novelist was Andreas Eschbach, a pretty successful author on
>the German market. I remember him writing about Flying Logic on the
>Scrivener forum a few years ago but haven’t seen him mention FL recently
>either on his website or somewhere else. It’s been a long time that he
>posted on the Scrivener forum, he uses Papyrus Autor now (he inspired a
>lot of the language tools in Papyrus).
> >

Yes, Andreas Eschbach. Thank you, Franz. When I wrote my post, I unsuccessfully trawled my memory for his name. At the time I experimented with Flying Logic, I read his novel The Carpet Makers in English, and enjoyed it. I also remember his connection with Papyrus Autor, and afterwards looked into using it.

Off topic: all this reminds me of the issue of “Who killed the chauffeur?” When Raymond Chandler’s thriller “The Big Sleep” was being made into a movie with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, the scriptwriters asked Chandler about a murder in his novel which the plot leaves partially unexplained: “Who killed the chauffeur?” Chandler replied with words to the effect that he hadn’t the faintest idea. A case when flow-charting fiction would have been useful?