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Journaling, a simplistic view

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Posted by Amontillado
Jul 21, 2018 at 04:03 PM


Scrivener is said to be vulnerable to certain sync processes used by iCloud, particularly the option to let iCloud manage your files. Seldom accessed files, even (apparently) files inside of packages.

An Apple package, of course, is no different from a normal subdirectory. It’s just flagged by the Finder as something to be displayed atomically unless you choose the option to show package contents.

A couple of times I’ve had some files I wanted to keep bundled up with a Scrivener project, so I’ve put everything including the Scrivener project into DEVONThink. I figure DT’s sync is more predictable than iCloud. Works great.

If you right click on anything stored in DT, there is an option to “reveal in Finder.”