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What is "ugly" software?

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Posted by Chris Thompson
Jul 13, 2018 at 01:43 PM


DevonThink is long due for the version 3 update, which hopefully will improve the visual look. They should probably look for inspiration to Scrivener, which didn’t look all that dated in v2, but really got a lot of subtle visual improvements in v3 that genuinely seem to help to get it out of your way when you’re trying to focus. (They did a great job on the iOS version of Scriv too.) Every so often the developer of DevonThink hints at v3 being imminent on Twitter, so hopefully it’s nearing completion.


Paul Korm wrote:
I’m somewhat on a different plane with regard to DEVONthink—the UI is
>utilitarian but since I use have the app open and actively use it 8 - 10
>hrs / day, I find the majority of those visible controls useful and I’m
>glad they are there.  But the icons, fonts, etc., are fusty and sort of