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Which "favorite" outliner app would you give up if something better came along

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Posted by Dellu
Jul 7, 2018 at 10:01 PM


Paul Korm wrote:

>I think the first three are in the category of “dump it if something
>better appears”, and it is more likely that something better than any of
>the three *will* appear.  The last two, I probably wouldn’t dump.  I’m
>sure I’ll never get rid of Tinderbox—because I’ve used it for a long
>time, know how to wrassle it pretty well, and enjoy working with it.
> >Anyway, interesting mental exercise.  What about you?

I am actually very inclined to dump Tinderbox.

Thinking hard about TB, the time I spent tinkering with it greatly exceeds the time I spend using it. It is a huge time sink. The tinkering is killing my productivity. I cannot remember the time I said: “wow, I would have never discovered this if not for TB”.

Searching the forums to find a script(OnADD) to accomplish a task bored me to death. And, also have to export the notes to make them available to Spotlight (Foxtrot) is a hectic process.

I am also learning that the whole mentality of “managing information” is misguided. Considering myself primarily as a writer (in the way argued by Patricia Goodson) is much helpful mentality for productivity. We can collect and organize information all our lives without making relevant progress.

I am moving to Scrivener and Scapple combo.