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Tinderbox Update (new version 7.5)

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Posted by Chris Thompson
Jun 1, 2018 at 02:04 PM


Although he was working the infrastructure for a Windows version a while ago (while he was reworking the framework in preparation for the last major version), my guess is that plan has been shelved. It’s one of the few apps (that and DevonThink) still keeping me on MacOS. Tinderbox is intentionally somewhere between a commercial app and a graduate research project (this is not a bad thing, IMHO) and the tradeoff for the developer’s freedom to explore interesting ways of managing information is that you can’t necessarily expect the same kind of roadmap or broad operating system support as something like Scrivener.

Anyway, very nice update. It’s nice to see that linking to individual text portions is back. That used to be in Tinderbox all the way through version 5 if I remember correctly, but was phased out at one point.