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best outliner you use? (2018)

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Posted by jaslar
May 22, 2018 at 01:09 PM


I tried to install tines on a couple of virtual Linux machines, but it failed. Do you have plans to package it as a .deb or .rpm? I liked where you’re taking it.

Larry Kollar wrote:
If you’re like me, and want a console-mode outliner but can’t stand
>Emacs (I’ve given it several tries over the years), there’s always
>Tines. I’ve not been doing a whole lot with the development lately, but
>a couple of community members sent patches to add autoconfig and some UI
>improvements; I plan to roll them up, make OPML the default file format,
>and release 2.0.
> >One of Tines’s strengths is its support for “text” mode
>entries—combined with its Markdown export, you can outline your
>headings, scenes, and even snippets of dialog and description, then
>import the OPML into Scrivener and get on with the drafting. I like to
>think of it as a “writer’s outliner.” I’m thinking about ways to export
>to DITA (a technical writing XML format), but that will come later.