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CRIMP Defined




Software Request: Two Pane Markdown Editor

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Posted by jaslar
May 11, 2018 at 02:46 PM


Satis, that just opened a whole *box* of CRIMPING. So let me make sure I understand this. qownnotes DOES allow the rearranging of notes in the hierarchy pane? And it runs on Windows, Mac, Android, and has a web client? This sounds like the whole package! Ubiquitous platforms, open source, plain text markdown, and outlining. I had never heard of it. And ownCloud might be another answer (versus the encrypted StandardNotes I was looking at).

I love this site.

satis wrote:
I’d simply suggest making your headings their own sections, which can be
>viewed in a hierarchical left pane (and thus can easily be rearranged)
>in a number of Markdown-compatible apps you can buy (Scrivener for
>Windows comes to mind for $40, though apps like qownnotes.org or the
>Atom text editor are free) or subscribe to (inkdrop.info is $5/month)