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CRIMP Defined




More on Linux (so okay, not strictly relevant to outlining - perhaps)

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Posted by Jan S.
May 9, 2018 at 08:40 AM


Ok, but since Dr. Andus uses Windows and wants to CRIMP with Linux software I only considered outliners that run on Linux but not on Windows, which—to my knowledge—are none.

- Notecase Pro is multi-platform
- TuxCards looks the opposite of alive to me (last updated in 2010)
- Vimoutliner is a Vim package which I suggested in my reply
- Scrivener on Linux is dead as far as I know. It was a community port from the beginning and doesn’t have official support.
- MindRaider doesn’t look to active either. The repo moved to GitHub but there are open issues about broken exports from 3 years ago (opened by the author himself)

Franz Grieser wrote:
Jan S. wrote:
>>To my knowledge there aren’t any “Linux Outliners”.
> >What about Notecase Pro, TuxCards, Vimoutliner, Scrivener, Mindraider,
>Ultra_Outliner - just the first few a simple Google search brings up.
>And they all seem to be alive.