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CRIMP Defined




ok anything for this basic need in regards to tree view of folders/files on the side -- likely the most important basic need overall

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Posted by tightbeam
Apr 10, 2018 at 01:14 PM


I don’t think he means centered *text* but rather a centered text *pane*, like the standard Scrivener setup, with editor in the middle, tree on left, other panes on right.

Jan S. wrote:

>doablesoftware wrote:
>>+ centered text
>>text is at centered margin
>>centered text
>>two simple combinations, and such basic features
>>society at the current point in time is
>>clean design (centered text)
> >Having “centered text” is neither a ‘very basic feature’ nor is it
>important. You just have a weird fetish—-which, indeed, common users
>may not understand.