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Posted by Dellu
Apr 6, 2018 at 02:26 AM


Alessandro Vernet wrote:
Have you found a good solution or combination of
>solutions to keep track of notes about notes about books, articles,
>restaurants, travel plans, people, ideas, recipes, and such?

For personal stuff, about travel, restaurants and like stuff, I used to use DayOne (now, MacJournal). I just tag them. I don’t do much organization. I really don’t have much problem with this since I usually write less number of notes.

My problem is with my academic notes.  I have thousands of them.

I use these apps:
1) Tinderbox
2) Devonthink
3) Keep it
4) Scrivener
5) Curiota

I use tags and saved searches to group notes on a specific topic within Devonthink and Keepit. 

I also don’t find organizing my notes in outline that simple task.  I often use Tinderbox for the task. But, I sometime lose track of the whole organization. Often times, I don’t even know where to put a certain note. My inbox gets crowded. It becomes messy. Even if Tinderbox is the best tool for this kind of task, it is still very difficult to come up with a consistent system that could work all the time.

I wish there is an easier way.

Had their license be fair, Atlas Ti would have been the ultimate solution for me—it includes the whole process of reading PDF, writing notes, tagging, mind mapping…everything.
Heck, they have a diabolical licensing system.