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jotting in mac: NoteAway, Curiota, nvALT or Unclutter

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Posted by Dellu
Mar 31, 2018 at 09:49 PM


>if The Archive is a one-shot deal or not.

I have ruled out The Archive and Bear mainly because these apps neither follow the standard Markdown fully (would have been future proof), nor are they self-sufficient. They are just middle ground.

Those hashtags, looking innocuous when used within the Bear, I realized that they are heinous creatures once I exported my notes. They keep on calling to Bear after I uninstalled the app.

I am also tired of the Markdown system as a whole as image file attachment is a total hassle. Markdown itself has been incompetent language to me. Even if it is future proof, it is not sufficient for my needs. If I have to supplement it with some other tool (Marked 2), it lost its primary promise (the simplicity, and readability across applications and platforms).

What I am using now?
- apps that support transparent file storage
- RTF & RTFD file formats

I don’t know about their future; but these formats are complete. I can do whatever I want to do with my notes without requiring any additional tool (to embed, to highlight, to underline….)

Curiota & the Scratchpad in Scrivener do great job—both support RTF and RTFD. How Curiota supports the two formats is even more elegant; automatically converts it to RTFD whenever you attach an image.

I specially like the Scratchpad right now because it supports a better window management than Curiota. Curiota supports sub-folders; Scratchpad doesn’t. Curiota is capable of storing longer list of notes; Scratchpad gets crowded since it has no subfolders.

My major problem with both of these tools is that you cannot directly assign Finder tags to the notes. That is when you need to pull Keep It (or, Alfred).