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Seen Any Thing Like This? Multi Columns Layout

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Posted by washere
Mar 18, 2018 at 04:14 PM


Looking for a software:

Usual Outliner software works whereby nodes & sub-nodes are in the left pane column as a tree & data for each selected node/sub-node appear in the right editor pane.

What I’m looking for is:

# Nodes are in left pane column (usual outliner)

# Sub-nodes are in 2nd column (so clicking the node in first column refreshes 2nd column & shows sub-nodes for the highlighted/clicked node in first column

# Usual editor window: 3rd column shows the data content editor for the selected sub-node or for root-level node (if it has no sub-node)

So basically the first two columns are Nodes & Sub-nodes. The third column is the data in an editor window column.

Bonus would be if:

+ Can have even more columns popping up if existing: sub-sub-node as 3rd column & data editor shifts to 4th column, ie: right-most column

+ Any tags/notes window pane, a bonus, like Scrivener metadata on the right side

But a basic two column structure on the left plus data editor on the right would do.

I think it would have great potential. Everyone is just copying the tree outline on the left & data editor on the right.

In fact the desired structure is pretty much an expanding relational database of tables as a data format. Simply needing to be plugged into an interface.

I want it to be:

> For Windows
> Not subscription based
> Not someone else’s cloud. Personal cloud is OK. But should work offline too.

I vaguely remember similar stuff: expanding columns as structure plus selected data showing up but can’t put my finger on it. I think this new dynamic structure interface would have great potential and market.

The nearest thing I remember is not exactly the above spec. Anyone seen anything like the above? Multi columns as node & sub-node structure + editor for data on the right, for Windows?