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Web-based rich text 2-pane outliner -- too much to ask?

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Posted by dan7000
Mar 3, 2018 at 01:55 AM


The dropbox sync appears to lock projects automatically when I leave scrivener open on one machine so I can’t open it on others. That alone is enough for me to abandon it. It’s just not really designed for multi-machine use. I get messages that clearly explain this when I try to open it on my second machine.

And the mobile version requires you to manually sync before and after makiing edits or else you will get sync errors. Each of my projects has at least a dozen sync errors probably from this issue.

But I just remembered the real reason I abandoned it: no android version. I dropped my iphone in the ocean (accidentally but inevitably, since I live on a boat), and switched to an android phone. So my biggest reason for ditching Scrivener has nothing to do with sync - it’s my own fault.