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OmniOutliner 3 for iOS

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Feb 19, 2018 at 03:32 PM


Yes, Outlinely and Cloud Outliner are the only two reasonably priced cross-platform outliners (in AppleWorld), although you could do worse than check out Scrivener’s outlining abilities, which are actually very powerful.

I did try using Todoist as an outliner for a while (it’s quite a capable outliner, as it happens), but found the various tricks required to format it/remove checkboxes just slightly too annoying in the long run. But for those with slightly more patience, it might serve - not least because it’s got a very good tagging system and a powerful search function.

The new iOS version of OmniOutliner is slightly better than the old one (I only use the Essentials version, myself), but it’s not a big step forward; all the real goodies are reserved for Pro users. What also strikes me as seriously strange is that OmniOutliner still hasn’t made up ground on rivals like Outlinely - you can’t, for example, do something as simple as strike out text; nor can you selectively add checkboxes to specific items - either all of them have a checkbox, or none (this isn’t true in the desktop app, by the way; but as soon as you sync with the iOS app, your individual checkbox settings are nuked and everything is given a checkbox. Now just how professional is that? Please note I did raise this issue a few months ago; a pleasant but “neutral” response was received).

Bear does have outlining on its roadmap, apparently…