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One text file/outline/mind map/tinderbox to rule them all?

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Posted by kjxymzy
Jan 16, 2018 at 05:56 AM


I think the title was too glib now, but it at least sparked some interesting discussion and exposure to Indigrid.

I tried doing everything in one mind map (task, reference management, lists, tracking, notes etc) and that got overwhelming.

I’ve now moved on to having a unifying org system/naming scheme over an array of specialized software.  Much smoother.

washere wrote:
I installed, used for a while and uninstalled TheBrain many a times.
>IMHO the mega mind mapper was just the usual hype and worse a time
>killer for me, maybe OK for footnotes/research refs but there are much
>better specialist in that genre. I used TiddlyWiki a lot until early
>last year, then like the other wiki maker ConnectedText, I stopped using
>it. I found a couple of other better wiki makers but have no use any
>more for general purpose wiki files. More specialized these days, more
>focused in each tool area.
> >The OP title is specific, not just one genre, mind-map or just wiki etc,
>but one that ticks the boxes listed. The tool sought by the thread lists
>the first 2 requirements as a “text file” app and then an “outline"r etc
>etc. Interesting to see if there are any candidates proposed that not
>only will tick all those boxes but are good enough to be “The One”. I’m
>not searching anymore, will be surprised if there is anything new
>proposed I never heard of. Scrivener plus Scapple comes close, but they
>are not the one either. I assume to remain on-topic, candidate tools
>need to tick those genres he listed, presumably. It is in daily and long
>term usage that one discovers the dark horse, the dirtied golden fleece,
>the unassuming one.