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Been away for awhile, any new one pane outliners?

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Posted by washere
Dec 15, 2017 at 08:44 PM


Noteliner was going somewhere good. Had problems with dupes of newly created nodes and child nodes. After 3.3 until the 3.6.3b came out, I was hoping it would keep developing. I liked his thinking.

Now I guess the nearest thing to it is Whizfolder and the slightly beastier Rightnote. Can have notes, table etc on the right pane editor in them as well as files and folders and spreadsheets and pics and more. Rightnote is the no nonsense winner in this class now for Windows, sort of Devonthink. Good for going through tons and tones of notes and research in the third inspector search pane, still better than the new Scrivener 3 new inspector third pane. Of course you can turn off 2nd and 3rd panes and just use it as a one pane outliner and expand into 2nd editor pane when needed. Lets face it, the Rightnote guy is a beast. The Whizfolder guy has given up and is just cashing in.

Noteliner type simpler note based genre? There are a couple of new ones who have taken up that crown. I might make a thread if I have time to dig up some links.I hope the Noteliner dev is doing OK.