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Been away for awhile, any new one pane outliners?

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Posted by Amontillado
Dec 13, 2017 at 06:52 PM


Chris Thompson wrote:
Scrivener 3 now has a single pane columnar outlining mode. See page 181,
>Figure 8.23 of the manual for a screenshot of what it looks like.
> >There’s no “outlines within table cells” mode like you’re thinking of,
>but Scrivener does support nesting, so you can have different index
>cards that can represent different outlines, which might be close
>enough. You wouldn’t be able to see the actual content of the outlines
>in index card mode though.
> >It’s in beta now for Windows, with the full Windows release slated for
>early in the new year. I haven’t tried the beta and can’t vouch for how
>good it is (it’s a complete rewrite from scratch for Windows), but the
>Mac version is solid.

I can’t tell that the new “centered outline” mode really does anything terribly significant, and the manual says if the window isn’t wide enough to display the outline with room left over, centered outline mode does nothing.

What it does, as far as I see, is center the outline in the window. It doesn’t change how it’s displayed, it just centers whatever it’s displaying.

Outline mode has been part of Scrivener for a long time. I may be missing something, but it looks like Scrivener Version 2’s outline mode to me - and you can now jog it a little to the right to center it, if you want.

Is there something else to centered outline mode?

There is a button at the bottom right of the outline view (beside the new centered outline button) to show or hide synopses. I’m not sure if that was there before or not.