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CRIMP Defined




Tell us about your book

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Posted by Larry Kollar
Dec 10, 2017 at 12:39 AM


Oh, you had to open *that* can of worms, eh? :-D

I have about a dozen books on Amazon. The big seller is a fantasy series, but there are others. Most of the fiction is geared for teens, but there’s a two-book series that qualifies as New Adult.

Scrivener is the central component in my toolchain. Instead of CRIMPing, I’m constantly tweaking my processes, trying to squeeze more efficiency out of the publishing end so I can spend more time writing. Scrivener’s MultiMarkdown support has been a huge help there, and that feeds some back-end scripts that can get me to EPUB or PDF in a matter of minutes. I need to write a script to do them both at once. It wouldn’t take long.

I haven’t updated to Scriv 3 yet, but plan to do it this weekend. Like tonight, maybe tomorrow evening.