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Becoming obsessed with the idea of a mac

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Posted by Stephen R. Diamond
Nov 22, 2007 at 10:09 PM


Ask a question like that and you’re bound to get encouragement to switch. Microsoft is the monopolist. Nobody has a great interest in its defense. Your sample is also biased, because those who have already made a Mac commitment are the ones in the best position to respond.

Nobody answers that Scrivener is good, but ignores the other side of the equation. Are BrainStorm and Zoot more or less valuable than DevonThink and Scrivener? 

There are other matters to be concerned about when embracing the Macintosh. The biggest one, generally unmentioned, concerns the companies’ policies on backward compatibility.

Anyway, before jumping platforms, check out the new MaxThink, the true state of the art pure outliner, guaranteed not remotely available on the Mac.

Matty wrote:
>I’ve been following this forum with great interest for the last six months or so with
>great delight since I share many of the obsessions of the community.  I am a historian
>working with a combination of biblioscape, brainstorm, whizfolders, microsoft
>word, and I’ve been playing around with zoot.  Lately, however, I have become obsessed
>with two programs for the mac, Devonthink and Scrivener.  Does anyone have any
>experience with these?  Please tell me that they are not that great and I should stop
>fantasizing about switching platforms when really I should be writing.