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CRIMP Defined




Manuskript reaches version 0.60

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Posted by washere
Dec 8, 2017 at 11:29 AM


I have been testing this for a few beta releases now. Also the free kit Scenarist. Whether they remain free or they charge money after beta & release candidate for final release version, I’ll buy them both. To encourage developers. I will not buy any subscription based software, because usually the focus there is usually more on money and such services will not last or be as good as others so my time investment is wasted. Also I will not upload my private data to who knows who wherever. When I have file commander plugins even on my phone to free cloud services like dropbox & Google drive etc. nvm the computers. YMMV, my humble opinion.

I hope the dev develops features not yet in Scrivener 3. Congratulations to this fine spirited dev, well done, keep going.