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Reference managers and Latex workflow for Scrivener 3

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Posted by Dr Andus
Dec 7, 2017 at 12:15 PM


Dellu wrote:
>I use Bookends. Some guys have made similar script to call for Bookends
>and insert references. https://github.com/iandol/bookends-tools
>This is nice.
> >The problem with the BEQuery is that BE needs to be running (unlike the
>Citation feature of Papers) to insert citation keys.
> >Do you guys have another (probably better) workflow to insert
>references and export to latex?
>What kind of workflow are you using for inserting citations in Scrivener

I’m not familiar with these tools, so I’m wondering what the desired output here is. Does this convert a raw citation into a formatted citation? Or is it that you want to see the bibliographic info for the given raw citation code? Or is the problem that you don’t want to have your citation manager running simultaneously?

Is it not possible to just manually copy and paste a raw reference code such as the cited example of {Koffka, 1922, #6475} directly into Scrivener and then get whatever add-on (e.g. EndNote’s MS Word add-on) that recognises that in whatever destination software (e.g. MS Word) to convert them into real citations at the end? That solution does require that e.g. the EndNote window is open, for you to be able to copy and paste the raw citation code.