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Scrivener 3 is on the way…

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Posted by Anthony
Dec 2, 2017 at 09:43 PM


OS: Win
You can write a letter with Word not a book. But it is a standard still largely accepted (to be imported in Pro DTP software).
Let me mention a weak point of Scrivener and a good point of Writing Outliner as Word Add-on.

If you need to write a technical document with equations Scrivener even in its v.3 - for what I read on the Manual - shows its limitations. Mathtype Equations once exported, for instance in RTF, cannot be edited: they are turned into images.
In the Win version (as compared to Mac version) it is still worse than that, because images are very low quality, and they are not always placed correctly in the baseline as they should.
The use of Latex with Scrivener is not easy and suffers some limitations.

WO simulates a Scrivener-like environment. Math equations and Bblio-add ons, which are quite necessary for most technical-academic writing, work normally. Unfortunately it saves in a proprietary format and the development, while promised in the blog homepage, seems continually delayed.