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Kudos for the Scrivener 3 manual

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Posted by Hugh
Dec 1, 2017 at 06:26 PM


The person responsible for most (probably all) of the Scrivener Manual is Ioa Petra’ka, who I think (I could be wrong) used to be an occasional contributor to this forum (and also the much-missed ATPM website). He certainly knows a great deal about Tinderbox (which originally encouraged me to try that application), as well of course as Scrivener.

I have to confess that I haven’t had the time to read any of the Manual for Scrivener 3 yet, but if it’s anything like the Scrivener 2 Manual - and it sounds as if it is - it’s likely to be a magnificent piece of work, in terms of the scope, precision and clarity of its content, the speed of its delivery and its use of Scrivener and other pieces of technology in putting it together.

The Manual has long been one of the features that have made Scrivener worth purchasing, and, with Ioa behind it, I’m confident that this must also be true of the Manual for Scrivener 3.

(Incidentally I’ve always been surprised by the number of posters on the Scrivener Forum who say that they’re working their way through the Manual. Good for them! But for me it’s chiefly a work of reference.)