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Reference managers and Latex workflow for Scrivener 3

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Posted by Dellu
Dec 1, 2017 at 05:50 PM


With the amazing progressed made in Scrivener 3, I was thinking to use it for writing my academic stuff. The problem is, it is very hard to replicate the Autocomplete citation features in the Latex editors like Texstudio inside Scrivener.

The Citation feature in Papers 3 was the closest thing I find to the Autocomplete feature of Texstudio. The Citation feature in Papers 3 is no more working with Scrivener 3, unfortunately.

ZotQuery of Zotero-alfred workflow still works. I personally am not much into Zotero.
I use Bookends. Some guys have made similar script to call for Bookends and insert references. https://github.com/iandol/bookends-tools
This is nice.

The problem with the BEQuery is that BE needs to be running (unlike the Citation feature of Papers) to insert citation keys.

Do you guys have another (probably better) workflow to insert references and export to latex?
What kind of workflow are you using for inserting citations in Scrivener 3?