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Posted by Amontillado
Nov 29, 2017 at 07:48 PM


I think I really love to write badly. I love to write. I write badly. Ergo, I must love to craft the unreadable. It’s a calling few answer. It sets me among rare company.

Getting out of debt is another thing I must love to do, because I have to do it so constantly. I have methods I’ve worked out for money management that gain maximum effect per penny of debt paid. I’m writing a self help book about that.

I used OmniOutliner for getting out of the gate (5,915 words in the outline’s current state). I want to write in Scrivener, but while waiting for Version 3 to come out I got started with Nisus Writer Pro. I’m not sure whether I’ll migrate to Scrivener or not, but it would be easy.

Assuming I don’t end my self-help writing career dangling from a ceiling fan by my necktie, I’d like to follow up with a handbook for managing charitable organization money. At that point, I’ll either be ready for more of my clumsy fiction, or for my necktie and a ceiling fan. I’m pretty sure I won’t have a third self-help book to write.

But, hey, worst case, I’ll at least have one fan.