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Scrivener 3 is on the way…

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Nov 28, 2017 at 02:07 PM


I’m truly impressed by version 3.0. It’s a lovely, subtle but comprehensive rework of an already very powerful app.

I’ve been playing with the trial version, having barely used the earlier Scrivener 2.0 despite having had it for years.

The speed and precision of the whole thing has improved exponentially (okay, I don’t know if it’s actually exponential, but it certainly feels like it!), especially in terms of accessing research documents (Word, PDF files etc. etc.). The search function is extremely fast and highlights text in a variety of file formats. No hanging about - just wham, blam, instant find!

Hey, listen, I’m an inveterate user of Ulysses, but this is in an entirely different league. Not that I’d necessarily want to use Scrivener for some of the things I use Ulysses for. But hey, maybe I will as I become more familiar with the platform, who knows?

For the first time, I really feel that Scrivener is the perfect platform for writing one’s magnum opus. That’s not to say it’s entirely straightforward - there are so many features lurking beneath the surface that you could spend many hours just reading through the tutorial/extensive user manual. But it all feels so much more lively, and the user interface is so much friendlier!

I shall be investing in the Mac App Store version so I can use it easily on different machines.