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Scrivener 3 is on the way…

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Posted by washere
Nov 22, 2017 at 06:46 AM


The new main feature seem to be (on Win Beta 3):

* UI & Layout
* Modernizing the GUI components
* Floating Cards (which only Mac version had before)
* CSS modding for proper ebook export, mainly Amazon mobi probs from ver2
* etc

Being “Outline” I am using the old Outline 4D more and more. I also use a few text (code) editors which let me outline text via code folding.

From there I can do virtually anything by importing them into 15 or 20 or so softwares I use in my toolchain. Each project is different, but a several pieces are usually used. scrivener is not always one of them. For bits and pieces scrivener was aways used but now I use a chopper to separate my Android ColorNote files or Android & Windows outliner apps. Rightnote lets me search them (hundreds or thousands) fast and lists them nice, better than Scrivener could ever. Zotero is better for footnotes & Biblio too. After some months I can basically convert anything (Outline & Tree structure-wise) from indented .txt/.tab major tree apps, or basically anything to anything now.

I still use Scrivener a lot though. Scrivener’s been given a new lease of life now with version 3 and lets hope it does not stay the same for another several years. Even Final Draft is trying to get better and is experimenting with Index Cards. All softwares have to evolve and get better or die, except Outline 4D probably, it is still uniquely useful, what the hell is that guy doing anyway if not updating his code? Unbelievable lunatic. I hope he is still alive.

A dark horse to watch out for is the “Aeon Timeline” which can sync with Scriv too. It has great potential, but it would become another genre of software altogether if it went a certain way but would be a masterpiece if expanded it’s features. It is cool too.