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What is the oldest application you use?

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Posted by Hugh
Nov 9, 2017 at 10:26 AM


I notice that the OP’s post and all the responses so far refer to Windows applications. I suppose that there may be at least one reason for that: with Apple’s operating systems upgrades now one-yearly, it may be difficult if not impossible to continue to upgrade OSX without upgrading the applications that run on it. I believe in fact that 2019 will be terminal for some: the next OSX upgrade in September will no longer support 32-bit applications.

In terms of applications rather than upgrades, my oldest now goes back to 2007 when I switched from Windows, and is Scrivener, unless you also count MS Office which I used on Windows and now use on the Mac. I used to support some other older “carry-over” Windows applications on my Mac via Parallels (including Brainstorm), but the benefits ceased to compensate for the efforts of doing so, and I stopped.