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Ulysses, infected by a trendy virus, changes to all-Subscription model

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Posted by moritz
Aug 14, 2017 at 06:45 PM


good analysis.
they are miscalculating on several aspects, even if subscription is fundamentally the way to go:
- not enough give for installed base
- price miscalculated - for enthusiast market, has to be at a minimum 4-5 yrs. payback vs. perpetual (e.g. set at 1.5x single platform purchase - can’t assume everybody uses everything)
- upcoming major competitive distraction with Scrivener 3, which could hit them hard right as they’re struggling with the licensing transition
- not tied to major innovative release to stimulate a switch
- no concurrent alternative licensing (customer choice seems to never have entered the equation)

Stephen Zeoli wrote:

>But when you read the list of
>the benefits of the subscription model, it is all about how it is useful
>for new users.
>I can no longer support a company that would treat its loyal customers
>this way.