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Day One gives itself a "Premium" service

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Posted by Paul Korm
Jun 30, 2017 at 08:07 PM


If the question of using the same app for business and private writing is not an issue for someone, I think Scrivener would be an excellent choice.  There are sure a lot of folks who write blogs about using Scrivener for at purpose.

A nice thing about Day One is the ability to send things to it with macOS and iOS extensions.  I send text snippets and pictures to Day One journals quite often.  So, if that’s a desirable feature, then beside Scrivener you also have Together and DEVONthink that can be used effectively for journaling.

Or, one could design a custom journal in Tap Forms and include fields for capturing health / diet / exercise stats in addition to text entries.  I frequently create travel logs in Tap Forms and use it as a capture method on the front end of Tinderbox—by exporting CSV from Tap Forms to Tinderbox.

I cannot answer @Lurmann’s encryption requirement about any of the above, though.