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Musing on the Mac...

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Posted by MadaboutDana
Apr 11, 2017 at 02:30 PM


True, Chrome OS is pretty cool. But as you say, the side-by-side PowerPoint/Keynote trick is a no-go (at least for the time being). And what would I do without my massive DEVONthink databases? Well, the short answer is, I’d probably virtualise them (put them in the Cloud somewhere). But there’s something in me that resists this total abrogation of control… ;-)

Dr Andus wrote:
Let’s not forget the third option: Chrome OS (which is like Linux made
>easy) with web apps (WorkFlowy, Gingko, MindMup et al.), though there is
>also Caret for writing, an excellent offline text editor.
> >You probably couldn’t pull off the side-by-side PowerPoint trick, and
>for now there still doesn’t seem to be anything matching the
>sophistication of Scrivener or ConnectedText online, but it’s an
>incredibly smooth experience otherwise, especially on some of the higher
>end higher spec’d Chromebooks like the Dell Chromebook 13 with 8GB RAM
>and core i5 processor.