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Novlr - novel writing app

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Posted by Dr Andus
Feb 22, 2017 at 03:41 PM


Stephen Zeoli wrote:
>who would want to spend $120 a year for less functionality
>than you get with Scrivener for twice the cost of the one-time purchase
>of Scrivener?

But how much did your Macbook Pro cost? ;) The whole economics changes with Chromebooks. You can buy a Chromebook for $200-300, pay the annual subscription for Novlr, and still be saving some money many years down the line (while there is no change to the performance of the machine, thanks to the lightness and simplicity of Chrome OS).

MadaboutDana wrote:
>There does appear
>to be a kind of “divergence” going on - the opposite of the tech
>pundits’ enthusiastically embraced convergence.

In a way Google is releasing some value back to the masses. The average user does not need all the power and functionality of a Mac or a Windows PC. Most Mac and Windows users have been subsidising the techies and sophisticated users who actually use what these machines and OS’s can offer.

A Chromebook instead costs a fraction of the money but comes without all the baggage of the more mature OS’s, which makes it much better at its core tasks (internet use, note-taking, media consumption).

MadaboutDana wrote:
>use their smartphones as “work” computers - a much larger percentage of
>users than I ever realised.

Yeah, that’s the next stage. The smartphone functionality (and user base) is folded back into the laptop, as Chromebooks are becoming Android enabled, and there are even rumours of a hybrid Chrome OS/Android OS codenamed ‘Andromeda.’