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Curio 11 is released

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Posted by Paul Korm
Jan 21, 2017 at 10:42 AM


It is a little more nuanced.  There are advanced settings in Curio 11 that allow you to share your “personal respository of tags, idea space templates, stencils, etc”, and/or your Application Support folder that contains “everything that goes into Curio’s app support folder including project gallery and Status shelf project categories and lists, temporary documents, and other items.”  You can put the repository or the app support folder in a synced Dropbox folder (for example) and thus share resources that can be used in multiple Curio projects. 

Nevertheless, it remains true that it is possible, but potentially destructive, for two users to access the same Curio project simultaneously.  Curio and Scrivener both use OS X “packages” (a type of folder) and there is no data locking possible with that method.  Ulysses uses a proprietary data management philosophy which supports locking and sharing to a limited extent.

@Steve Zeoli wrote
>The Scrivener way. I wish Curio worked the way Ulysses does. Its nifty little helper app, Curiota, however, works the Ulysses way.