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Bear review

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Posted by Jeffery Smith
Jan 1, 2017 at 07:43 PM


Last week, I reviewed all of my options for what would become my default note-taking app. I have used Scrivener, and I like it for more polished end products, but not for notetaking. I am so frustrated with Tinderbox, I have decided to not even bother with it until there is better documentation. VooDooPad doesn’t seem well-suited for enormous numbers of notes. So I played with Ulysses and Bear, and settled on Bear.
Today, I started inputting notes and, within about 30 minutes, the app slowed down to a crawl (with 11 gb of RAM free). I had pasted two JPEG screen shots in it, and think that might have caused the issue. But that is a serious problem for me (I’m working on an invertebrate zoology course to be taught in fall).
Have any of you experienced this? When I say “slow”, I mean the keyboard falls a word or two behind the letters showing up on the screen.