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Any good Scrivener books out there?

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Posted by Hugh
Oct 12, 2016 at 08:46 AM


An additional thought.

Scrivener comes with two sets of guidance - an interactive tutorial and an instruction manual, both under the Help menu. I don’t recommend reading the manual from cover to cover, although some people do: it’s well-written but it’s several hundred pages long. Better to use it like an encyclopaedia for reference when you have a question about a specific topic. It’s reasonably well indexed.

I do strongly recommend focusing on the interactive tutorial, and working through that from start to finish before you write a syllable with the software. The Literature & Latte forum is as Paul Korm says very good, and extremely well-supported by the L&L team, but it’s noticeable that a proportion of the questions that regularly come up there could have been easily resolved by users if they’d gone through the tutorial (or spent five minutes trying to find answers to their questions in the Manual).